AI MONSTER Review OTO & Upsells 2023 : Is it worth it ?

Are you tired of spending hours creating digital assets for your website or business? If so, you need to check out AI MONSTER. Here, I will cover the full AI Monster Review, working process, features, OTO & Upsell pricings, Pros & Cons in detail. 

AI MONSTER is a revolutionary application and marketplace platform that leverages artificial intelligence to transform the creation, access, and monetization of creative digital assets. 

It is the first-of-its-kind, providing a comprehensive solution for individuals and businesses seeking top-quality digital media assets such as website themes, templates, graphics, stock images, videos, and more. 

By utilizing the power of OpenAI technology, the platform simplifies and automates the process of managing and monetizing digital assets. 

With just a few clicks, users can create their own marketplace, similar to Envato, preloaded with millions of highly sought-after creative assets. 

This eliminates the need for manual design work, coding, or the expense of hiring web designers.

AI Monster is an innovative AI-powered application that can automatically create an Envato-like marketplace preloaded with millions of digital media assets in just 60 seconds, making it the first of its kind in the market. 

The creative digital assets industry is a rapidly growing market worth over $300 billion, and with the post-COVID era pushing more businesses to go online, approximately 252,000 new websites are created every day. 


As website developers and business owners create new websites, they require fresh and unique digital assets such as website themes, templates, stock images, and video templates to promote and showcase their businesses.

The everlasting growth in the creative digital assets industry is not the only driving factor. Affiliate marketing has become a lucrative $17 billion industry in 2023 and remains one of the top profitable options for internet marketing businesses. 

It allows you to monetize your website by promoting larger businesses worldwide, and on average, an affiliate marketer earns up to $10,000 in revenue. 

Affiliate marketing has made many online business persons millionaires, and it is the most effective method of online business, with huge growth opportunities. 

More than 85% of top brands have adopted affiliate marketing and pay huge commissions, making it a powerful tool for internet businesses. However, starting an affiliate marketing business comes with some challenges.

Are you in the process of building a website or affiliate funnel? Dealing with complex code can be a tedious task, and hiring a web designer to create and maintain your website can cost you between $1200 to $1500 monthly

Additionally, creating content for your website and blogs requires a significant amount of time and effort, which can cost you thousands of dollars monthly to hire content creators

Furthermore, optimizing your website for search engines and other technical tasks to drive targeted traffic can be challenging, and hiring experts will incur an additional monthly cost of $1000. 

Creating social media posts and manually sharing them on different social networks is also a time-consuming job.

You have to work on several areas and pay a substantial recurring cost to third-party services or freelancers, with no guarantee of quality work delivered on time, which may not help your affiliate marketing business grow. 

However, AI Monster has discovered a new and exciting way to help you make daily commissions and profits. 

What if you could earn money every time someone purchases a creative asset online? Introducing AI Monster – a brand-new platform that offers a unique solution to all these challenges.

AI Monster Review: [Complete Product Overview]

CreatorAnthony Uchenna & Team SaasCritics
ProductAI Monster
Launch Date2023-May-13
Front End Price $17 
Official websiteCLICK HERE
Refund30 days No Question asked, Money back Guаrаntее  
BonusesYes, Multiple Bonuses (worth $1000+) Vendor
Recommended Highly Recommended

Creator of AI Monster

AI Monster was created by Anthony Uchenna is a seasoned online marketer and software developer. 

They have launched multiple desktop and web applications that have benefited more than 20,000 users.

With their extensive experience in software development and online marketing, they have a proven track record of creating innovative solutions that assist marketers in achieving their objectives and increasing their earning potential. 

AI Monster Review: How does it work?

With AI Monster, you can start a completely automated creative assets affiliate website in just three simple steps and make insane profits:

Step 1: Access the AI Monster cloud-based application by logging in.

Step 2: Set up your website with just one click by entering your website name and description.

Step 3: Sit back and relax as the app instantly generates a fully automated digital assets affiliate site in under 60 seconds.

AI Monster Hot Demo Full Video

AI Monster Review: Who should buy it ?

AI MONSTER is an innovative solution that can greatly benefit a diverse range of people and businesses seeking to enter the creative digital assets industry. The following are some key groups of individuals who can leverage this product to their advantage:

  • Online marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Website designers and developers
  • Startups and small business owners
  • Bloggers and content creators
  • Digital nomads and freelancers
  • Influencers and affiliate marketers
  • Marketing firms and digital agencies
  • E-commerce store operators
  • Educational institutions

AI Monster Review: Key features

  1. Create your own website easily with AI Monster’s intuitive design and formatting tools. You don’t need any technical or design skills to get started.
  2. Access millions of high-quality creative assets instantly when you create your Envato Affiliate store with AI Monster. Choose from website themes, templates, stock images, videos, social media graphics, infographics, product mockups, and much more.
  3. Make use of the Open AI-powered Content and Graphics Creator that comes built into AI Monster. With this tool, you can create unlimited content and graphics for your website, or even for your clients.
  4. Manage your website’s blog easily with AI Monster. You can add your own written content, use the built-in AI tool to create content, or choose from preloaded articles to keep your blog updated.
  5. Monetize your website easily and start earning passive income by using banner ads to promote your own or other affiliate offers. You can also integrate with Google AdSense and get paid for every click.
  6. Each product on your website is automatically embedded with your affiliate link, so you can start earning instantly.
  7. Ensure that your website is 100% SEO-friendly without having to worry about technical details. Just add your meta tags, meta titles, and descriptions, and you’ll start getting targeted traffic from search engines.
  8. Use the lead capturing form on your website to capture unlimited leads and manage them easily.
  9. Share your website and individual products on multiple social media platforms quickly and easily with AI Monster’s built-in social sharing feature.
  10. Sign up for AI Monster from any device, anywhere in the world, without having to install anything or purchase domain and hosting.
  11. Get started quickly with AI Monster’s FAQs and Training Videos. Plus, enjoy 24-hour support from our customer success team.
  12. Take advantage of the limited-time offer and get a free commercial license with AI Monster. Use it to create Envato Affiliate Stores for clients on Upwork and Fiverr, and make huge profits.

AI Monster Review – Pros & Cons


  • Easy for beginners to use
  • No need to create your own product
  • Comprehensive, step-by-step training
  • Affordable pricing
  • Results-driven and effective
  • Simple and straightforward to understand and get started
  • Excellent customer support


  • There is none 

AI Monster  FrontEnd (FE) & OTOs Pricing details

The FE and OTO prices may vary after the launch date. It is better to check the latest prices here. 

AI Monster FE – $17

For those interested in the digital assets industry, AI MONSTER provides an affordable solution priced at only $17

This powerful AI-driven tool offers excellent value for money by enabling users to auto-create a marketplace like Envato and preload it with millions of high-demand digital assets. 

With such a low investment, you can start your online business and tap into the thriving market for creative resources, making it an attractive option for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses alike.

This Front-End(FE) offer includes 

  • Hyper AI Technology for creating a profitable creative assets marketplace, 
  • built-in AI Powered Content & Graphic Generator, 
  • pre-loaded with over 10 million creative assets, 
  • a 100% SEO friendly website, 
  • the ability to add DFY Blogs & Articles, 
  • monetize your website with Google AdSense and banner ads, 
  • capture and manage leads, 
  • a newbie-friendly, cloud-based app with no tech hassle, no hosting, no installation, and no monthly fees. 
  • Furthermore, AI MONSTER offers a limited time commercial license for free and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to leverage AI technology and establish a thriving digital assets marketplace at an unbeatable price point. In addition, this front-end offer comes with a special bonus of 30 reseller licenses and five fast-action bonuses.

AI Monster OTOs : Discounted Prices at Launch and Bonuses 

AI Monster: Is it worthy ?

Yes, it is recommended to buy. Do you know why

It has full jam-packed features that is the reason it is getting worth investing upon. 

Let’s have a look at those features and see what AI Monster can do for us to immediately start our online income.

  • – Activate your creative assets marketplace in just three clicks with AI Monster
  • – Benefit from the hyper AI technology that creates your website automatically without requiring technical expertise
  • – Utilize the built-in Open AI Chat GPT powered content and graphic generator to create unlimited content and graphics for your website
  • – Preload your website with over 10 million creative assets, such as website themes, templates, stock images and videos, infographics, and more
  • – Enjoy a 100% SEO friendly website that can easily attract search engine traffic
  • – Add DFY blogs and articles to your website to target specific traffic with the help of AI Monster
  • Monetize your website with Google AdSense and banner ads to increase your income
  • Embed your affiliate links to generate regular commission
  • – Increase your conversion rate by directly chatting with your visitors via WhatsApp integration
  • Capture and manage leads directly from your website with AI Monster
  • – AI Monster is a 100% newbie-friendly, cloud-based app that requires no technical expertise or installation
  • – There are no hosting or monthly fees required to use AI Monster
  • Beta testers of AI Monster made an average of $380 per day
  • – Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the ironclad 30-day money-back guarantee
  • – Take advantage of the limited time offer to get a free commercial license with AI Monster.

AI Monster: Bonus

Furthermore, as a part of the main product’s membership, you’ll be entitled to receive the following bonuses without any extra cost, and they will be delivered to you automatically:

Final Verdict

AI Monster offers a rare opportunity to start a website of digital media assets and grow it as a business at a low one-time cost of $17, without any hidden fees

Moreover, the software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which minimizes the risk for users who may be hesitant about investing in a new tool. 

Overall, AI Monster provides a low-risk investment making it an excellent choice for beginners.

I trust that my AI Monster Review has provided you with valuable insights to help you make a well-informed and timely decision. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below this blog post.



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